The Power of Knowledge in Dispute Resolution

Why EMA?

At EMA, we believe that subject matter knowledge of the issues involved in the dispute does matter. A party can have a degree of confidence in a mediator’s discussions surrounding a business dispute, if that party believes the mediator is familiar with that business arena. That’s why EMA seeks out panel members who have knowledge in both mediation techniques and subject matter knowledge pertaining to the dispute.


EMA believes that fundamentally, all parties to a dispute want resolution. We provide a structure that allows the parties to have an open discussion.



Requires a neutral who will listen  carefully to each side’s arguments, both factual and legal, and after one or more hearings and the presentation of evidence, conclude what a just decision should be.


Family Succcession

Many families are often ill-prepared for the transfer of control, or wealth, which is likely to damage intra-family relationships. EMA's goal is to provide a path to resolution that allows for familial harmony.

  • Trademarks and Licensing
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Labor & Employment
  • Personal Injury
  • Business Disputes
  • Family Succession
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